Unsung Heroes

An Impending Battle

Not really sure about this...

All right, so we got all of our stuff, and I’m wearing a backpack full of pitch. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure I had something to do with this. We have our battle plan, we have our equipment, and we know what we have to do- though Cam looks at me like she wants to kill me.

Fair enough. I did get us all into this mess.

On our way out towards the enemy line, we stop by the lake and make sure that there are no tree people in it, but when Nihm gets there, she sees nothing. We continue on, and we do find a bunch of wavy bushes- but there’s no breeze. We stash the Jeep and hike around the bushes, and we come across the thicket. Raharjo goes over the plan. Those bushes advance on us quickly, and we book it back to the jeep. Raharjo guns the engine, and we get down and start this mad experiment.

We set the lines down, and now we’re doubling back- and I nearly fall off. Thanks to Cam I don’t fall off the Jeep, but if there’s a retreat, I tell them to leave me- I have alternate means, after all. Cam tosses the Alchemist’s Fire, lighting it up.

We watch the line light up…and I’m a little disappointed. They just keep running through the fire, and they keep going. Damn it. But they’re affected just a little bit, and that might be good enough for me. I think we can do this. I tell Raharjo to take us back, and I’ll drink my potions (of Ant Haul and Fly), and get this thing started. I take the barrel, Nihm gets on my shoulder, and we’re going after these bushy bastards. Cam goes with me, leaving Raharjo and Ricky in the Jeep.

In the air, we fly towards the front, only to have the Jeep that Raharjo is driving ride on up and he tosses his bottle of fire. It lights up a few of them, and he pulls a U turn and rides away. We drop pitch and fire on these guys, and they just keep coming. I manage to put a spin on a bottle of fire myself, and it collides with several of its flying pitched brothers, and setting them aflame. They fall into their less mobile brothers on the ground, setting them on fire, too. We’re being set upon by the other flyers.

Bring ’em.

We’re all getting swarmed, and I sound a retreat. We’re pretty banged up, but I’m pretty sure we can make this. We fly towards the outer line of these guys, the flying bushes chasing us all the while. These are stinging little guys, to be sure, but we’re okay. Well, I don’t feel very good, but I’ve still got some hope here. We do see Raharjo and Ricky cut around and keep pace with the charging bushes I think about the Jeep feather token in my pocket, and see the tree line (ha ha) fast approaching. I think we can do this.

Suddenly, Cam drops that pearly acid thing, and then drinks a potion and vanishes. Good. We’re still being swarmed, and Nihm begins using her fire claws on the closer ones, and they start smoking. They catch fire, and spiral down into that moving thicket.

All I can do for the moment is hold Nihm and keep moving, and that’s what I do. I can see the bare part of the hill not far away, and I’m hoping I make it out of this, even as I feel this poison working into my system. I’m feeling a little woozy, though, and the Jeep is getting closer. I think we’ll be okay. Cam descends into the Jeep below us, and we’re not far behind. We drop, but we’re still covered in these bushes! The important thing, we’ve done our job, and now I’m hoping that we can beat a hasty retreat and get away from these monstrosities. They’re everywhere though, and it’s not looking good (or, it could just be all the blood in my eyes). I hear gunfire, screaming, and swatting, and the engine of the Jeep roaring to life. We’re back to bouncing around in the vehicle. Nihm takes a bounce dangerously close towards the outside of the Jeep, and I grab her by the tail to keep her from completely. She retreats under the seat of the Jeep (good move), freeing me up to activate my Healing Belt and draw my dagger. I hope that these bushes get clear after Ricky pours on some more speed.

There’s another bump, and these things are just stinging the dickens out of me—-

—And suddenly, someone is slapping me, and I feel a little bit better. Nihm uses some kind of kit to open my veins and take the poison out. Raharjo fist bumps me, and I’m better still. I feel like death warmed over, but I just might make it.

I thank everyone for saving my life, but I don’t think this snafu qualifies me to be the leader. Nihm tells me that this is war, and we can’t always expect a smashing success. It’s okay, though. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get busted down to grunt, and I don’t think I’d mind that.

In the meantime, I’m in the infirmary, and I’ll feel a little bit better afterwards. I’m pretty woozy, but after twenty minutes I feel right as rain. They give us a potion of lesser restoration, and everyone looks right at me- so I take it.

A young Kald boy tells us to report for duty, and that’s what we do. Atasia tells us that we’re on delivery duty! We’re to deliver some parts to the graveyard, and Eva greets us. They’re building some kind of machine, and he asks for some help. Well of course, they’re needing our help, but we do have other orders.

Of course we’ll be happy to help!


astrounicorn Proteangamer

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