Unsung Heroes

Nihm's Journal

Getting a little...catty.

Yeah! We’re finally leaving the swamp. I was getting very tired of the muck getting between my toes and gettinhg stuck on my fur. I don’t mind baths but-

Whoa, what was that?! A bush just moved. I think we should kill it. Coryn points a gun at it and tells it to state its business. But upon closer inspection, I don’t think it’s a bush. I think that it might be a part of the skunk family.

I tell them that that we should leave it alone. Jarenth argues with me. As we watch it starts tilting over on it’s side. Once again Coryn demands that it explain itself. Then we see that it looks like its corrupted with the same roots that almost killed me. Coryn sees it and immediately uses his flame thrower. And now that it is dead, it appears that Coryn has set a forest fire. Jarneth, Kam and I attempt to put the flames out. I would never let a forest fire take control. Luckily, we managed to put the fire out.

Coryn is getting dirty looks from everyone, but standing his ground that the bush deserved. We stop at the lake to wash off. Luckily we now no longer smell of smoke. We decide that this is a good place to camp for the night. I head up into the trees to find a nice comforable place to sleep. Coryn is sleeping during first watch. Kam, Jarneth and I are taking first watch.

There are a few more dirty looks towards Coryn. I’m trying to keep my inner peace, but sometimes he makes it hard. Now after he’s supposed to be sleeping, he wakes bolt upright and heads for the coffee. I think he might be having another nightmare.

I go to give him some comfort. It takes him a while to relax. Ok, so he doesn’t. I have to try something a little more drastic. I lie across his lap and purr. He gets alarmed and asks if I really have to vibrate there. It gets a little uncomfortable. But, I’ve seen this reaction before. Poor guy. Ok. So after that, I do feel a little dirty, but I’m pretty sure despite his outburst of not dating outside his species, he should be relaxing a little.

He actually asks if I like him. Not knowing what to say, I pause. For a while. Then say, “Yes?”

But he still looks pensive so I decide to spend the rest of my watch and his watching over him. And now I’m beat. But that’s ok. Kam’s shoulder is always comfortable. And it has the added bonus of being out in the sunshine.

The day is uneventful with the exception of a dragonborn merchant train. They seem pretty snooty so Jarenth gives them the queen wave. I would have liked to give them a one finger wave, but that would not be nice, and I’m trying to be nice.

Now that we’re down for sleep, we get a thunder shower. And once we wake up the winds are blowing viciously. So between the wind, the mud, and the rain I almost feel like we’reback in the marsh. Minus the blistering heat. Riharjo tries to be cheerful, but I just want him to shut up and leave me to my misery. But Riharjo reminds us that we’re going to learn how to be spies and more useful to the war effort.

Now during watch, I can see Coryn having another dream. I wonder if I should go and wake him up. Before he gets violent. And reaches for his flamethrower. I worry about the disagreeable guy. But he’s kind of like one of those kids from my forest. You know the kind. They don’t fit in. They’re kind of slow and hairless. You just have to watch over them lest they hurt themselves.

Coryn wakes up shaky, sweaty and disturbed. I guess the war is really getting to him. I know that it must be when he says he doesn’t want to shoot anyone. He starts gathering his things as if he’s moving out. So I do what needs to be done.

At first I just lay on his stuff, then I give him a hug. Jarenth comes over and gives both of us a hug. But Coryn freaks out. He goes on a rant and seems convinced that he’s going to kill us or get us killed.

I ask Jarenth if I can talk to Coryn. He agrees and decides that he wants to give Kam a hug. She refuses, but resigns herself to a fist bump.

I decide that I need to be honest with him. Maybe it will help if he knows what I’m going through. I tell him these things to see if it will help him, not because I particularly want to talk about it.

I have to watch him closely because I don’t want to make things worse. I try and remember when I noticed his bad dreams starting. It seems that they started the day after I woke up.

We have a rather intense conversation in which Coryn screams out that he’s murdered his parents. But he doesn’t know why he’s killed them. I can only guess that they did something bad. But I don’t fear him. I trust him.

Riharjo only wakes up to Coryns confession and spends the rest of the day casting nervous glances around. We convince Coryn to at least get to the eld before making any serious decisions. He makes me promise that if he ever wakes up with blood on his hands that I will put him down. I promise and we move on.

We come to a new town that looks more like a military post filled with Kald. I keep twitching and reminding myself that not all of the Kald are evil. They keep talking about telling the eld that we don’t have any ports. Im not a sailor. It shouldn’t be a problem. So we head up the path carrying about thirty pounds of ore that the Kald wanted us to deliver to them.

Eventurally we come to a gateway into an openn courtyard. There is a strange looking eld standing in the middle of the courtyard. He’s fairly seamless with a huge sword arm. He introduces himself. Then he starts freaking poor Coryn out. Coryn starts looking himself over looking for vines and viruses.

Irritated at his superior attitude I have to introduce myself. In best Eld standard. I am NihmQuillofthegreatforestsofthegreatQuatarsoldieragainsttheKaldarmy.

He seems impressed. My work here is done. Although Kam appears irritated.

We come into another courtyard where there are a group of creepy looking eld. We meet the leader who calls himself Tausia.

He seems to be graceful towards us at least. He explains why we’re here. He tells us that the Kald were actually rather peaceful if anally organized people. He doesn’t seem to understand why they are so aggressive now. He keeps staring at Coryn and muttering about debugging. But then he isn’t the only one. It’s starting to look a little worrisome.

Now we get introduced to Soha. I don’t think I like this Soha. If someone calls me a fleshy one more time I’m going to get angry. I’m not a fleshy. I’m a furry. Then he demands that Coryn come with him. He says that a Kalden virus has hold of him. It makes sense in kind way. With the way that Coryn has been acting. He says he’s going to help him and it only sort of makes sense, maybe Soha will help him.

Coryn yells out loud that he doesn’t have bugs.

Tausia tells him that he can help him without making him suffer. I tell him I’ll stay near him so that he won’t be alone. Finally he agrees. Tausia suggests that we get a good night’s sleep, but considering his nightmares, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Getting my meaning when I shake my head, he says they can start tonight.

Kam and the others are offered raw food. Kam asks for wood for a fire. They lead her to a bunch of green saplings. She goes looking for some dry wood and has to steal it from an old beaver dam. Kam looks highly irritated when after spending a couple of minutes with a flint to light the fire, he extends a finger like a lighter.

In the meantime, Coryn and I are led back to Soha. I try to lead him to the circle thinking that they’re going to deal with Coryn. Instead he gets a weird look on his face and starts asking me strange questions. Luckily he turns back to Coryn.

I try to get Coryn to relax by purring. It doesn’t seem to help, so I do the only thing that I can think of to get him to relax. I punch him in the gut. After about six hours, Coryn seems to relax more than I’ve seen him in weeks.

Soha says that he needs to work with Coryn alone for the next few weeks. After some distrust, Coryn agrees. Next thing we know, the cat comes back.

I think it’s time for me to exit stage left. Coryn goes with the cat. Next thing I know, Coryn disappears. I become upset because I just thought they were going to walk a little ways away.

I become a little snarly, but Effa says that he will help me watch over Coryn from afar. I’m not sure that I trust it, but it’s the best I can do for now. I have no choice but to agree. GRRR.

We end up eating veggies. Soha is standing over us when we all wake up two hours later. He has given our training deep thought. I know he is trying to help us, but somehow it comes out that we’re the doopy children born backwards with our heads stuck inside for too long without air. I was NOT born backwards. And I don’t like to talk about the other. So we’ll see how this training goes.


astrounicorn Proteangamer

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