Unsung Heroes

Rampaging Vegetables, Part 1

in which many things were set on fire and blown up

After playing messenger a bit, we helped Eva set up his mobile (and likely highly dangerous) nexus point. Our job is to keep the enemy away from Eva so he can do his job. Here I was starting to delude myself into thinking this would be easy, when a pack of bushes come charging at us.

I took a shot from a distance, as did Kam, while Ricky closed with them and dealt with them up close.

I think battle fatigue must be setting in, because I’m starting to have a hard time concentrating on the details, and most of my comrades’ words fade out of focus, along with the sounds of battle. Yet I feel lucid for now; if nobody asks me to think too deeply, I think I will be fine. Everyone seems to be doing their jobs well.

A distinct scent of ether prevails throughout.

Hmm. Right, back to business. Necklace. This necklace was important. The jewels come right off though. Do I throw them? That sounds right. Well, playing baseball was always fun.

Wow. Fireballs. Useful.

Now the catgirl is ranting on and on like a preacher at a revival meeting. It’s more blood and guts than fire and brimstone though, so it works.

Not as sure about my lucidity anymore…

I hope this is a fever dream. Ricky looks like he has two large mouth shaped holes in him.

Whoops. There goes the other gem. Why couldn’t have been this good of a pitcher back in school? At least this one helped even the odds more. Kam is a vicious shot. I would not want to be that tree. Ricky throws half a dozen haymakers at the tree trying to get past him, and it disappears a puff of woodchips.

Eva’s glowing purple now. I hope this is all part of the plan.

I think it worked. I shot at another one and the entry wound flashed like the powder pan on grandpa’s old hunting rifle. Ricky knocks the one in front of him a hard one. A hard right straight, a lightning left hook, and a burning uppercut. Jareth, Kam, and Ricky go to search the woods to make sure nothing else is lurking about. Eva keeps on glowing until a purple light shoots out of his mouth straight into the sky. Kind of pretty. Also looks kind of dangerous.

We go back to HQ. On the way, we spot Coryn leading a bunch of Eld with bazookas. That’s terrifying. It’s also very like him. Tasya’s pleased with the outcome of our mission and sends support back to Eva.

Night is coming on, and we’re about empty of fire spells and abilities, so Tasya sends us out to get necklaces of fireballs and six vials of alchemist’s fire. We get news of a flanking maneuver coming up from behind our lines. We go out to intercept the bastards. Long story short, we run right through our fire gear and ammo, and the reserves find us lighting up our smokes on top of a pile of dead plants.

I’m starting to feel like I missed my calling in life as a lumberjack.

The battle goes on for another two hours before the purple lights go off. I hope that’s only Eva getting tired.


astrounicorn marusaia

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