Unsung Heroes

Ricky's Log 1

Fleshies (and furries) in the Temple

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Greetings, Log Program!

I do not yet know why writers of log entries traditionally address their log files directly, but it seems customary, so I shall do so! The current solar cycle has proven quite interesting. Apparently, I have arrived at the monastery just in advance of a herd (proper term? Flock? Gaggle?) of fleshy-bots. And one furry-bot (new term!). They have just arrived, and met with :unit designation: “Eva”. Eva welcomed the guests, and introduced them to Soha and Mao Myo Renge Kyo. Fleshy-bot “Coryn” soon left for individualized “debugging and reformatting”. I was formally introduced to the group, and it was explained to me that I would be joining them. I find this agreeable. These fleshies seem quite interesting, and I am already learning very much!

Soha initialized a training program for the fleshies. Strangely, they did not know how to make use of their safe mode! What an amazing thing! Such interesting beings they are. In some ways, fleshies are much more resilient and easily upgraded than Eld, yet in other ways it is incredibly difficult for them to upgrade. They seem to have the most problems with hardware. “Hardware” in this case seems to be something of a misnomer, as the fleshies themselves are quite soft. I have discovered that some of them possess additional hardware features called “breasts” that act, in some obscure fashion, as external batteries. I wish to learn more about breasts, as my passive biometric scan of the fleshies indicates a 79% probability that there are additional layers of meaning to which I am currently unaware. The fleshy-bot called “Kam” has a pair that protrude numerous centimeters beyond her torso proper. Manipulating them is apparently quite tricky. Perhaps they do not know how to properly calibrate them? Unknown. I shall ask. Also, furry-bot “Nihm” has multiple, smaller, exterior squishy batteries. Perhaps this is more efficient by facilitating multiple connections? I digress. There is so much to process!


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