Unsung Heroes

The Battle of Zerhun

Plants and Fire. What could go wrong?

So, the purple lights go out in Zerhun. Man, I hope that does not bode ill for our team.
We head our butts over there, and and discover that Eva is under attack by man-sized bushes.

Time to get back to business.

These bushes look like bears, but not like topiaries. Weird. As Raharjo guns the engine, I
take aim with the crossbow, burying one in the bear. Raharjo brakes and Nihm goes flying with a fierce meow. She digs her claws in, and leaves smoldering claw marks in its trunk, splitting the thing in half. Ricky makes his move, but I can’t quite make it out.

One of the tree people actually picks up Eva and it looks like it tries to eat him! One of them strikes out at Nihm and whiffs completely. I see that they’re trying to dismember Eva now, but the Eld does that himself.

Trying to come to the rescue, I run up the hill and toss a grenade that explodes right beside them, and splinters fly everywhere. I’m not convinced that I’ve really done anything, though, but Raharjo tosses one himself into the thick of it. He seems to have fared better than I did, blowing one all the way to Kingdom Come.

I see Nihm run and jump onto the altar and jump onto a tree. I lose sight of her, and I see that Ricky utterly destroys another bear tree. And suddenly, the very last tree standing sprouts another head and another leg, and grows to about four times its size. It smashes Nihm (and itself), and Eva tries to drag her away.

With Nihm free and clear, I toss a grenade at it, and I make it count. It blows a giant chunk of the tree completely away. Raharjo finishes it off, thankfully.

A sigh of relief. Nihm helps Eva find his limb, but is too far away for me to hear clearly what he says. Oh well. We’ve done what we came here to do. We’ll be off once again.

Nihm seems a bit tired, and almost has Raharjo drive right into a rock. He swerves, and dings the axle…

We continue on, and a couple of Dragonborn salute us as we check in on them. They’re okay, but they need fire. They also give us a message, containing a ring.

So, off we go to get these draconian gentlemen some fire. We drive the long way around to the camp and park, choosing to not destroy the jeep any further.

We get to the ammo dump…and these guys look like they’ve got roots in their hands!

I shout, “These guys are rooted!” Not a second after, Raharjo does the same and snatches up a flaming stick as I miss one with a crossbow bolt. Another picks up a grenade and tosses it. Somehow, the shrapnel avoids both me and Ricky, but Raharjo takes a bit of it.

I get up and run, putting another crossbow bolt into it. It doesn’t seem to do much, but I might at least draw its attention. I do get my wish as another burst of flame comes my way, and I get away with not getting hit- just as another grenade gets lobbed! I try to snatch Raharjo out of the way, but instead I place him in front of me as he takes most of the damage.

And that’s when I hear it: There’s a lot more combat going on, and I get the idea that there’s a lot more combat going on- we’ve been flanked!I separate from Raharjo, further getting this guy’s attention and I hope that Raharjo has better luck. I can’t quite see what Ricky is doing, but it’s not well. I can hear gunfire going on way over there. I get a little cocky, and I get a little burnt, too, as the flamethrower guy totally sets me on burning, stinging fire. With all the fire in my eyes, I completely miss putting another crossbow bolt into him. The guy points his gun towards the munitions wagon, and Raharjo springs forward, making sure that the stream of fire goes straight up instead of into the ammunition.

The purple light flickers back on, and we gain the advantage.

“Can you direct us to the front lines?” one of the purple lights says, "I believe that we’re

expected there." And one of them begins to sing?

We direct them forward, and they give us fiery enhancement. Either way, we gather them up in a pincer movement and take ’em out!

I feel a bit charred, but I’m alive, and so are we all. Thanks to Raharjo’s quick thinking, the

day is saved. I breath a sigh of relief.


astrounicorn Proteangamer

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