9 Joseph Graycloud

A quiet young man with a penchant for magic and bullets.


Male human
Alliance army, rank Rot, current assignment: sabotage kaldan war effort, assist civilian flight from kaldan territory


“Not that I’m not happy to be in the Army now, but it sure beats living on the streets. As a second-class citizen in Harn, I don’t have a lot of options. However, now that I’m in the Army, I do get fed…something…on a regular basis, and I get my exercise. I get to sleep under the stars, and even better- I get to shoot magical fire out of my gun! It’s true, I have some capacity for magic- not much, mind you- but what magic I have I can channel through the gun, using it to boost my spells.

“Things were going swimmingly, until deployment to the Shava forest…”

9 Joseph Graycloud

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