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  • 9 Commandant Schultz Berghalter

    Warden Berghalter is a vicious, vindictive, stupid Kald. His goal seems to be to wring all personal profit from the mine. He spends much of it on his mistress, Gertrude Frauhaus, whom he visits in Noron once a month.

  • 3 Rudolf

    Acts attributed thus far to Rudolf: 'fixing' the Warden's cooked books Theft of supplies, general and military

  • 9 Guards of the Dale

    Heinrich Baecker Christophe Petrus--amiable, chatty Werner Rolf--smuggled beer supplies for Nihm Jakob Albrecht Hans Bertold Karl Klaus Otto von Streicher Joseph Dorthe--girl was pinched by Oselite, 3rd in command Thomas Mueller …

  • 3 Slaves of the Dale

    THese are male and femal humans, mostly young Coryn-m Dietrich-m Eric-m Gerd-m Herbert-m Justin-m Max-m Paul-m Robert-m Debora-f Edda-f Joanna-f Lara-f Paula-f Ute-f Zora-f

  • 1 "Jareth Ausk"

    No, Jareth isn't my real name, nor is it any of the first five aliases that I've used before my capture. Kald "justice" has caught up to me, and I'm a prisoner of Delver's Dale. Or at least, I was, until those new prisoners freed us all, giving …

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