PC Requisitions

Please Post Your Name, Requisitions Request(include gp value) and your Requisitions Check below.
Requisitioning Rules
Add new entries to the top of the list. (if you list more than one item, only the top one will be considered requisitioned until it has been delivered) Once an item has been delivered, it will be so marked.

Verman, printing press(1000gp), 21 DELIVERED

Kam, least crystal of energy assault(fire) 0 FAIL
, least Iron Ward Diamond 12 DELIVERED
, Eternal wand(detect plants and animals) 10 DELIVERED

Nihm Quill, Healing Belt, 800gp, (Natural 1) DELIVERED
, Forgery Kit, 200gp (19) DELIVERED
, Lockpick Set, 30gp (19) DELIVERED
, Natural Weapon Enhancements(nat 20) DELIVERED
, Promotion 32 and 21
, field packs for alpha unit

, Dagger of speed. 23
, flaming crossbow 35



PC Requisitions

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