Get off! He’s trying! Roharjo pulls himself off . . .

Quick-show him your batteries!

The Quill is mightier than the sword!

Nihm would want to sleep in a tree! thunk

Well, that takes talent. . . you have to dangle it just right, and . . .

I had a nightmare: I stabbed somebody and they didn’t die!

. . . also reboots the senses. Are those lights supposed to be blinking?

“At least I’m not cynical and snarky .” “I do prefer you hyper and stupid.”

I never want to get that close to a dragon’s sac again.

Worst case scenario . . . you get crack!

“Certainly, sir, your excratory functions are quite safe with me”—Alphy to Jareth

“He wields a ranged weapon”

accusingly “Her urine smells like roses!”


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