Unsung Heroes

Ghost in the Shard ...

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“Those doddering fools, " you rage, " can’t even see the opportunity in front of their faces!"

“They did have a point, Ary, the nexus would fail if used as an energy source instead of simply an amplifier of aether. You can’t expect them to understand the difference between the ways Aether and ether are generated. After all, " Irga points out, " we are just learning how to effectively harness ether ourselves."

You sigh, resigned and look around your study. The walls are lined with shelves displaying artifacts sacred to various peoples—stonekin gems, displayed next to eld diamond cores, human fetishes, idols and symbols, Kaldan treatises on religeon and religeous history, and Nyssa’s cornu seminal piece all have their place of honor in your haven of peace.

“You are right, of course, but now it will be more difficult . . .”


astrounicorn astrounicorn

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