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  • 9 Joseph Graycloud

    "Not that I'm not happy to be in the Army now, but it sure beats living on the streets. As a second-class citizen in Harn, I don't have a lot of options. However, now that I'm in the Army, I do get fed...something...on a regular basis, and I get my …

  • 9 Commandant Schultz Berghalter

    Warden Berghalter is a vicious, vindictive, stupid Kald. His goal seems to be to wring all personal profit from the mine. He spends much of it on his mistress, Gertrude Frauhaus, whom he visits in Noron once a month.

  • 3 Torthana

    Torthana was the groups Umlaut during training, she led them on their ill-fated yet successful mission on the banks of the Wend. She was injured during the fighting, captured with the rest of half-squad 14 and separated from them before the half-squad …

  • 9 Guards of the Dale

    Heinrich Baecker Christophe Petrus--amiable, chatty Werner Rolf--smuggled beer supplies for Nihm Jakob Albrecht Hans Bertold Karl Klaus Otto von Streicher Joseph Dorthe--girl was pinched by Oselite, 3rd in command Thomas Mueller …

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