At first, void. Then life sprouted. The Tree of Life. The tree became lonely and bore an acorn. The acorn sprouted and he named her Oki.

Oki grew and became fast friend with the tree. One day, she asked why there aren’t others? Thinking on this, the tree decided he would have more oki to play with. so he tried to sprout three more.

The tree attempted to make these new children, but it had become too weak. It extended it roots in search of nourishment. It stretched deep through space and time, into strange place. The creatures it bore were very unlike Oki.

But not every source of nourishment was positive for the tree, for in extending its roots acros the cosmos, it tapped into a power unbeknownst to the universe. It became known as the pool of chaos from it sprang Evil. Suddenly, the tree found itself at war with its own nature, and sought out a cure.

This cure was balance and so it reached from the ground to the sky and realized the need for both good and evil. For the balance was nature. In doing so, it created all cycles of life, all seasons.

After creating the season, he went about creating yet other creatures. Creatures with the capacity for good or evil. And they would have to choose, by their own actions, which was better for the tree.

And so Hanuman said, great tree, how can we choose? we are all here together, find us someplace for our own. So the tree sprouted a gourd, larger than anything. He called it Harn. GO there, my children, live your own lives.

So the entered Harn. And when they did, new life sprouted before them, for sustenance. The season aligned, and they played.

So, at that point., the tree realized that it could not remain in their presence and leave his children unaffected. For free will, he could not be near enough to affect their thoughts. So he went dormant. But before that, he left . . . watchers.

Without the tree’s protections, the world was a furious and dangerous place. The creatures that live there struggled to survive. So the Living Mountain said: I shall house these creatures within me, so that they may have a chance to fight against chaos.

And the children of the Life Tree gave homes to many races. And the land spread, becoming different terrains,: mountains, plains, deserts and forests. Each a final gift of the life tree before it left.

Oki and her three siblings having been forgotten and ignored. They grew jealous of their cousin’s choice, and powers. One day, proclaming that she had found the Life Tree, tricked her cousins into leaving Harn.

Behind them, she threw a magic path, preventing any travel, cutting off Oki and her cousins from their followers forever.


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